I wanted to share my experience highlighting a ebay scam, and even after I explained all time during my appeal, customer support sided with the buyer and took the money out of my account.

Let’s hope the second appeal is opened and this is reviewed again.

First let’s look at the case details.

First the listing title, description, and the picture on the box all said LHR. Buyer opened a refund since they said they did not want LHR. As you as see, I reached out many times to the buyer, never heard anything. At this time, before approving the return thinking this was a scam (maybe a used one would be sent back) I reached out to ebay chat support, explained my worries, and they said they “have my back” and would support me if there are issues. Yeah, did not happen.

The case was closed, and money refunded to the customer since they gave a shipping number and said it was returned to me. This was not the case, and by looking at the facts we can see this is a scam.

First, we know graphics cards are large. Here is my tracking information to the buyer.

Notice 2 things. The box was 4 lbs (graphic cards are large) and it was received in Oregon, in the afternoon of Nov 24.

The buyer just need to upload ANY tracking number for the return, and this is the tracking # they entered. USPS 9400109206094961443496. Checking out the details for that tracking number there are two things to highlight.

#1 This item is being “returned” not where it was delivered in Oregon, but is being returned from South Carolina. Not only that, it’s being shipped from South Carolina only hours after it arrived in Oregon. The time stamp of the return label was created is BEFORE the item was delivered… hhhmmm.

#2. This return package is a first class packed. Meaning it has to be less than 1lb. There is NO WAY is packed and less than 1 pound.

Both points are highlighted below.

Not sure how this is possible? But wait, there’s more.

Lucky for me I get all the details for all mail that is to be received. Here are all the packages dropped off at my location Nov 26 (the day it “arrived” at my location).

Two things again to note here.

#1 That tracking number was not dropped of at my house on Nov 26.

#2. Packages were delivered at house Nov 26th at 3:12pm. The returned item was dropped off at 2:41pm as you can see above. This shows it was not a drop off at my house, but another location.

Putting this all into detail. The item was received in Oregon (4lbs) on Nov 24 in the pm, a few hours later it was shipped from SC (after bring shrunk in size to be less than 1lb), and delivered to my house at a time 30 minutes before the USPS made their drops at my house, and no record of the scan in my incoming mail tracking?

Looking at this on a map where my location is by Chicago.

The buyer can ship any item via first class, less than $4, to any address in my zip code and get a refund for the $900 item, and keep the item!

Let’s hope they appeal again and realize this is a scam buyer.